COOL TO TRAVEL: Anywhere I can hike.
FREE TIME: Scrabble anyone?
DRINKS ARE ON ME: Chai/Coffee in the a.m. Wine in the p.m.
DESSERT ANYONE? Carrot cake, vanilla ice cream, dark chocolate...
❤SPACE: The Grand Canyon

Jennifer brings a decade of experience collaborating with various firms in the commercial real estate and design-build industry. She is a professional with exceptional interpersonal, persuasive and communicative skills that result in close, personal relationships with members of project teams.

Jennifer spent almost 10 years with an engineering consulting firm in the commercial construction industry, serving clients both public and private architects, structural and civil engineers, contractors, environmental attorneys, property managers and owners. She has a heightened focus on client relationships and strategic growth and is recognized in the industry as a professional focused on connecting individuals.

Jennifer enjoys working at a firm that values serving the non-profit sector.